Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

Greyson Hawke


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Jace Bostick faces the choice of a lifetime, and timing is of the essence. Transported inexplicably from a combat mission in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan to a series of curiously linked locations, he unravels mysteries from his past and finds love along the way. Keenly aware that each turn of events brings unimaginable consequences, he is driven by a deep personal code and will stop at nothing in order to get home and protect the ones he loves.

Jace embarks on a breathtaking journey, jumping across the globe and the calendar in a mysterious turn of events that defies logic and leaves him struggling to stay one step ahead of danger. Thrust into an uncertain future, his choices will determine his fate and that of a mysterious and beautiful stranger. Each decision he makes introduces new twists as he meddles with forces of space and time that are beyond his comprehension.

How can he get back home, and what assurance is there that home will still exist as he knows it? A highly skilled special operator and outdoorsman, Jace faces challenges that no amount of training could have possibly prepared him for. He must boldly face extraordinary perils with uncanny street savvy, quick thinking, and the assistance of some advanced technological gadgets he picks up along the way. Trying to get a grip on what is happening and how, he finds himself questioning fate as he engineers his own personal mission to save the ones he loves. This adventure will take you to the most exotic corners of the globe in vivid detail on an unforgiving pathway through both time and space that will keep you anxiously guessing until the last page.